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Reblogging? Don’t you mean APPROPRIATING?

I initially thought this post about why John Lennon was problematic was by Your Fave is Problematic, but it’s actually by The Rouge Feminist. I’m posting about it anyway because it’s pretty laughable and a good example of just why I can’t stand YFIP style posts.

First of all, there actually are a lot of solid points in the post:


All shitty things and worth talking about. But I guess that wasn’t enough, so now TRF had to move on to pulling shit out of her ass like

imageOh no! The feels!


Oh my God. What’s the point of making a post of this if you aren’t going to bother seeing if a song’s a cover or not?


…You can’t appropriate instruments. That’s not how music works. By that logic, only white people can play pianos.

Seriously, the post should have ended a long time ago. I don’t understand the point of listing out every tiny, perceived crime a person has committed, especially when there are inarguably fucked up things that they’ve done.


woozapooza replied to your post: I’d like to learn about your pizza and…

I find the tag “tatertunes” really cute.

It was either that or “Potatunes.” It was a tough call.

I just figured I’d make my random musical posts easier for people to find/ignore since they’re usually pretty irrelevant. I don’t want this blog to be super depressing at all times so tatertunes.

So…anyone have experience getting septum piercings?

To the ableism anon, yes it DOES exist. Things like lack of wheelchair access and other accomodations for the handicapped, or employers choosing less qualified people just because they don't want to deal with the inconvenience of having to provide for people with disabilities. But SJW would rather complain about language and other kinds of word policing because real activism takes actual effort and doesn't give them as many online bragging rights.


Because complaining about words is easier than researching ADA laws….

-the Polish one (who knows all about them, so make sure you have a wheelchair ramp!)

Ah yes. More people to ignore.

Ah yes. More people to ignore.

"Crazy/dumb/stupid/moron/idiot/mad/cretin/retard/insane are ableist, you shitlord!!!11"


Well done, you have correctly identified ableist language.

Now can you please call out welfare “reforms”, scrounger rhetoric and disabled hate crime as ableist too, or would that require actual compassion and effort?

I kind of feel like apologizing for not writing any of my more in depth posts in a while, but I scarcely feel that guilty about it. I just feel a bit bad about it because writing’s my thing, but my focus isn’t super great right now. I’m trying to line up a lot of appointments that I keep putting off and I just find the whole thing super frustrating.

I think I’ll be with it again soon. Or at least I hope so because this shit is boring.

I’d like to learn about your pizza and your weather
And we can learn about how beings live together

I'm dyslexic and I grew up when being dyslexic was better known by even teachers as "just being dumb/stupid". Even with that I don't have any problem with the two words. I am not talking for everyone who's affected by such words of course, but it's pretty offensive how SJWs preach about not talking over minorities (which is good advice) but the moment a minority person says they disagree they just tell them "well you don't talk for everyone". Reeks of "if you disagree, you don't count"